Originally drawn for a home-brewed Harry Potter RPG, I adopted this image for my social media identity.  I did look like this at one point in my life, though, so I consider it legit.

Jesse T. Glenn

Hi! Welcome to my website and my wonderful world of art, such as it is. I am a self-taught artist and have been drawing most of my life.  I only recently decided to change careers to pursue art as a profession and I am enjoying every thrilling moment of discovery and uncertainty as each new day I say to myself, "Jesse Glenn, what have you done?"

They say you are never too old to change careers, but shaking off the rust and dust has been quite the chore. In 1997, my artistic interests started to shift more towards live theatre (onstage and backstage) than visual art. By 2007 I had started down the path to a career in technical theatre. This was now my hobby and my job and left me with very little time and creative energy to do that other thing I've loved my whole life, drawing. Now, I never stopped drawing completely.  How could I? My best friend from high school, David Petersen, went on to create the award winning comic series, Mouse Guard. Through him I was able to meet several other fabulous artists like Jeremy Bastion, Katie Cook, Nate Pride, and Jay Fosgitt.  Though I was not always available to attend, being invited to a weekly "Art Night" with working artists does have it's way of inspiring pencil to paper.

In 2013, a friend of mine from the good ol' days, Ryan Scott, approached me to draw some character art.  He was opening a comic book themed craft brewery in Colorado and reached out to friends of his he knew could draw a thing or two. I accepted. The feeling of having paid, professional work and having a project that I had to push through to completion gave me a boost. The more images I produced, the more I started to believe I could someday do this for a living. Meanwhile, I had started to assist David at comic book conventions and I was meeting more creators and seeing more people just like me who had decided to take the chance at being a professional artist.

June, 2016. For reasons we shall not discuss here, I had reached the point of needing to keep either my job or my sanity. I would say sanity won out, but... what I did could be considered a little off kilter. I left my full-time salaried position to draw pictures. 

I am an artist.

I live and work in Flint, MI with my wife, affectionately known around the house as, "MILLER!" and our four troublesome cats - "Knock it off!" "No fighting!" "Stop that!"  and "You're the best."